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Water & Flood Damage Repair in Philadelphia

The most common occurrences that can cause extensive damage to your property are water related issues such as flooding, sewer backups, leaky pipes or roofs, and appliance overflows. Depending on how long the problem has gone unnoticed, there may be other issues such as mold and mildew which can severely impact the complexity, duration and cost of remediation.

When it comes to flood or water leak related damages, the basement, bathrooms and attic are the most susceptible parts of your home. However, it does not take time for the water to spread to other areas of your property and seep into the sub-floors or drywalls. When disaster strikes in the form of water, speed is of the essence!

If you notice or even suspect any water damage to your home or business in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, or Bucks County, engage the services of water and flood damage repair specialists, for timely redressal of your problem. Our experienced crew will not only arrest the water issue, but also prevent it from spreading further, and repair and refinish the damaged areas with speed and efficiency.

Enjoy these benefits when you hire professionals like us for water and flood damage repairs:

  • Prompt Service: Our skilled technicians are trained to remediate many types of water and flood damages, including allied problems such as mold. We follow the highest safety standards to contain and rectify these issues in the shortest possible time, while being mindful of the occupants of your premises.
  • All-Inclusive Remediation: Our comprehensive services include, containing and rectifying the water damage, restoration and refinishing services, as well as potential threat mitigation. Our technicians inspect your plumbing, appliances and other water points to ensure that there are no other lurking issues that could potentially bring on recurring damage.
  • Access to Latest Equipment and Technology: Our professional crew has access to specialized equipment and scientific methods that help in restoration of water damaged areas quickly, safely and efficiently.

Save time and money by hiring Mastercraft Painting and Finishes to address water and flood damage repairs at your home or business.  Call us at 267-496-5307 or contact us online.