5 Steps to Prepare Your Philadelphia Home for Custom Painting

Ensure A Successful Project with Professional Exterior Painters

Your exterior house paint makes an impression day after day when you arrive at your home. Whether you want your place to stand out on the street or accent its surroundings, professional exterior painters can ensure that the final results exceed expectations. Preparation can be just as important as the final coat of paint, though, since the outside of your house is as functional as it is beautiful.

Take these 5 steps to get your home ready for  custom house painting  and transform your property in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery County:

  1. Clean the surface with a power washer or stiff-bristle brush to remove dirt, debris, and grime that builds up over time.
  2. Scrape away loose paint and hammer down protruding nails. Putty and sand any holes or damaged areas for a smooth surface.
  3. Reapply caulking around windows and doors for a fresh, reliable seal and even appearance.
  4. Repair finishes before painting, including siding, shutters, and doors.
  5. Choose the right paint. Latex is more flexible and may last longer because it is less prone to crack. Alkyd paints are also suitable for external use as they deliver the same level of performance and durability you expect from oil-based paints, and yet they are as convenient to use as water-based paint. Speak with  professional exterior painters  to determine the best option for your house.

Schedule custom house painting for your Philadelphia home and get assistance from preparation through to a perfect finish. Call Mastercraft Painting and Finishes at 267-496-5307 to request a FREE estimate or contact our professional exterior house painters online .