Change is Good – Even for the Paint in Your Bedrooms!

Your Professional Philadelphia Painters Offer Tips on Bedroom Makeovers

If there is one place where you want to relax, unwind, find solace from your hectic schedule and immerse yourself in thought, it is your bedroom. Not only does this room allow you a good night’s sleep, in many ways, it reflects your personality, dreams and desires. When you start and end each day in this room, you want that it has a positive impact on your life. Besides, who doesn’t want a bedroom that is functional, comfortable, and on trend?

Whether it is with modern furniture and furnishings, or the latest shades of paint, consider a complete makeover for your personal haven, every three to five years. While the timing is not set in stone, changes in your lifestyles are likely to occur every few years. Take for example your children’s bedroom. What worked for your three-year-old toddler, will not work for your eight-year-old or pre-teen. You will need to change the room’s paint and décor and make sure that the room adapts to the changing needs of a growing child.

The experienced professionals at Mastercraft Painting and Finishes offer a few suggestions to help you stay on top of your bedroom makeovers.

Top Tips to Keep Your Bedrooms Up-To-Date

For a room that is your personal sanctuary, change can be tough, especially when a certain level of comfort has set in. Whether it is the color of the walls, the furniture, the mattress, or the linen and curtains, your bedroom represents a sense of ease and coziness, which could easily feel disrupted as soon as you change anything in this room. However, all changes need not happen at once. Here are some of the ways to maintain the freshness of your bedroom, without unsettling all the elements at once:

Refresh the Paint: Change the color of your walls every few years to give this space a clean and fresh touch. Experts claim that the paint in a room not only reflects your personality and priorities, but also influences your mood and psychology. Choose your shades and color palette based on what you need: 

  • Blue or green: Cool, calming effect
  • Ivory or white: Pure, blissful feel
  • Yellow, Orange or Purple: Cheery, invigorating ambience
  • Grey: Trendy, contemporary look
  • Red: Paint a feature wall for a touch of romance
  • Black: Give a beautiful, modern touch to a feature wall

Change the Furniture: Your mattress usually has a life of eight to ten years before it wears down from daily use. However, while changing your mattress, you could also look at replacing your entire bedroom set, or changing up just the headrest, or adding an extra piece of furniture such as a cozy, easy chair or a bench at the foot of your bed. For a quick, budget-friendly makeover, consider refinishing the existing furniture with a new paint or veneer. For your little ones’ bedrooms, look at changing the size of the bed and adding other functional storage pieces to cater to the changing needs.

Redecorate with Soft Furnishings: Renew the look of your bedroom by decorating this space with contemporary pieces of décor and furnishings. Small changes to items such as beddings, throws, paintings, curtains, vases or light fixtures will add a bright, inviting ambience and keep your personal space on trend at all times.

Rearrange the Layout: While you may replace dated décor more frequently, occasionally, you may also want to consider a change in the way your furniture is laid out. If the size and layout of your room permit some flexibility, reposition the bed, side tables and night lamps to a different wall, or move your dresser or wardrobe to another side.

Change is positive! In fact, you may find that periodically refreshing the paint, furniture or furnishings in your home is invigorating, as well as therapeutic.

If your bedroom makeover project includes painting of walls, or refinishing existing furniture and cabinets, rely on the skilled painters at Mastercraft Painting & Finishes. Our trained and licensed crew will ensure a quick turnaround and minimum disruption to your movement on the premises. When you hire us for your painting and refinishing jobs, you can expect the use of latest products and techniques, top-notch finishes and excellent customer service.

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