Custom Interior House Painting Tips for Dark Wall Colors

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Dark wall colors can create a big impact and add to the overall atmosphere of your home. Unfortunately, if you decide it is time for a change, they can be very challenging to cover. Whether you have moved into a new home or had a change of heart when it comes to interior finishes, Mastercraft Painting and Finishes can makeover your walls. No matter how sticky the wallpaper or dark the paint color, our professional interior house painters can transform your home.

After years of custom interior house painting for overcoming dark or difficult walls, we have a few tips and tricks you may find useful:

  1. Prep Wallpaper – Contrasting patterns, seams, and adhesive can all contribute to a poor appearance and moisture issues if you attempt to simply cover them with paint. Clean, sand, and prep wallpaper or completely remove it before you begin interior painting. 
  2. Careful Priming – If you are switching from a dark color, take time for adequate priming. A coat or two of quality primer will make all the difference in the final result. 
  3. Drying between coats – Consider humidity levels and room temperature to allow adequate drying time between coats.

If you are confused about the right approach to prep and paint, consider working with professional interior house painters  in Philadelphia who can save you time and money. Trust Mastercraft Painting and Finishes for flawless  custom interior house painting  services. We know the best primers, removal methods, and painting techniques to overcome even the most dark and difficult wall finishes.  Call us at 267-496-5307 to request a FREE estimate or  contact us online .