DIY Or Professional Painters – How To Choose?

You’ve decided to paint your house interiors. Now, you need to decide how to go about it. Should you hire a team of painting professionals or pick up the paint brush yourself? Here are a few aspects to consider before taking up a painting project.

Facts to Consider before You Paint Your Home

  • Do you have any previous painting experience? If you have handled similar wall painting projects previously, you should be able to take up this challenge and successfully complete it. 
  • How big is the project? If the task looks overwhelmingly big, you may tire yourself out. Look for warning signs like: 
    • High ceilings. If they are too high for you to reach safely, avoid painting the room yourself. 
    • Big holes and dings in the walls. If wall repair work is not something that you are comfortable doing, don’t get involved.
  • How old is the house? The older the house, it’s more likely that the walls and ceiling contain lead and asbestos in them. Don’t go about sanding and scraping the walls at the risk of exposure to hazardous substances. Hire experts for your paint job.
  • Are there any leaks? Water seepage in the walls can lead to further damage. If you notice any leaks or dampness in the walls or ceilings, you need experts to address this before applying paint. A reputed painting and restoration company can also repair such damage before painting your wall.  
  • Do you have the right painting equipment? Your safety is paramount. If you are dealing with chemicals, you should have: 
    • Thick gloves and eye protective gear. 
    • A good quality paint brush and rollers to fit various corners, and a roller extension pole.  
    • Wall repair equipment like – plastic sheets or drop cloths, spackle, painter’s tape, mesh tape, putty knife, primer, sandpaper, and spatula among others.
  • Does your ladder help you reach all areas? If a 3-step ladder doesn’t help you reach all the areas with the aid of an extension brush, get professional help to paint your walls. 
  • Do you have the time? Painting is a labor-intensive job. It also requires a lot of prep work. You need to have enough time to prep your walls to apply a good coat of paint. 
  • What type of paint are you using? If you have chosen lacquered or high gloss paint, you will find it one of the most difficult paints to apply. It is also very unforgiving if the walls haven’t been prepped right. Ditch the DIY painting effort if you prefer this finish on your wall or ceiling but are not a pro at applying it.

Let’s Paint Those Walls Right!

It is safe to say that a DIY wall painting project may not be the right solution for every situation. A messy job can spoil the look of your space. A DIY project sounds exciting and can be a success if you are confident and know what you are doing. Get help from the experts when you know you need it. Then, sit back, relax, and admire your beautifully painted walls.

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