How Paint Additives Work to Insulate Your Home in Philadelphia

Work with Professional House Painters for a More Eco-Friendly Home

Homeowners are consistently looking for ways to improve the efficiency and insulation of their homes. If you live in Philadelphia and are interested in minimizing the carbon footprint of your living space while maximizing monthly savings, consider how a fresh coat of paint can make a difference. It may not be the first method people consider for making a difference in their heating and cooling bills, but new technology makes  paint additives in Philadelphia  an effective method for added insulation and a more efficient home.

Wondering how paint additives work? Contact  professional house painters  for a detailed assessment of the best application for your home and read through the details below to learn more about how this paint technology works:

  1. NASA Development – The technology for paint additives was initially developed for surviving in more extreme conditions in space. If it is effective enough for outer space, the impact on earth is definitely promising. The paint was initially applied to panels to reflect and minimize heat during re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere. By targeting and dealing with heat at the source, the strain on internal heating and cooling systems is minimized.
  2. Ceramics – Ceramic additives are used for their insulating properties. This material is perfect since it creates a clear, matte finish that is affordable and also offers sound insulation.
  3. How It Works – The paint additives can be mixed into any paint for both interior and exterior applications. Work with your professional house painters to determine the right application and ensure you get the best finish. The paint additives can save you money on heating and cooling bills through reflective technology that redirects heat away from the home and added insulation that keeps warm or cool air within the living space.

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