How to Prevent Wood Rot with Exterior Paint and Other Techniques 

Tips and Tricks from our Professional Painters in Philadelphia

When water seeps into the exterior cracks of your home, shed or deck and doesn’t get the chance to dry out properly, the wood will likely start to rot. While most homeowners are not master carpenters, it helps to know that there are other options to prevent wood rot such as keeping the area dry with a fresh coat of paint. Otherwise, wood rot can spread if left untreated and affect structural integrity. If wood rot is damaging your home and you need professional assistance, the professionals at Mastercraft Painting & Finishes can provide you with a variety of exterior services to help keep your home looking its best. 

5 Effective Ways to Prevent Wood Rot from Affecting Your Home 

The cost to repair damage caused by wood rot can add up to thousands of dollars. Since wood is the most commonly used building material, it is crucial for homeowners to understand how to prevent wood rot. Read on to discover some tips and tricks for preventing it, including why exterior painting is a crucial step in wood maintenance: 

  • Paint and Seal: Keeping wood surfaces painted and sealed is one of the best forms of maintenance you can practice as a homeowner. If you notice any peeling paint, scrape it off, apply a primer and re-paint the affected area. When building any exterior structure or deck with wood, paint or stain all sides of the lumber material before assembling. 
  • Re-Caulk Exterior Cracks: Use a high-quality exterior caulk to replace old and deteriorated caulk or fill in any new cracks you notice around your home. As a primary line of defense, caulking will prevent water from being able to enter the crevices of the wood.  
  • Install Decay-Resistant Lumbar: If you are considering installing a new deck, use pressure-treated lumber to protect against the elements including water. Wood that comes into close contact with the ground should be approved for ground contact to ensure that it is suitable.  
  • Clean the Gutters: Make sure your gutters are free from debris in order to prevent clogs that could cause water backups. If your gutters overflow, the water has no choice but to spill onto your wood siding. Additionally, consider installing seamless gutters which are not prone to leaking the same way as traditional gutters. 
  • Schedule a Home Inspection: Schedule an annual inspection to check for wood rot around your home. If you live in a fluctuating environment, this is especially important, and a full-service painting contractor can perform this inspection for you. 

At Mastercraft Painting & Finishes, we know how stressful dealing with wood rot can be. If you notice soft and spongy areas on the exterior of your home, shed or deck, our experts are here to help. We offer competitively priced painting, surface coating and refinishing services for homes and businesses in Montgomery, Bucks County, and the surrounding Philadelphia area. You can rely on our team of professional exterior painters who have worked on properties of all sizes, using only the latest in art technology to help restore, maintain, and increase longevity. Every job we do receives the same level of care and attention with no details overlooked. Save money and increase the value of your property with our painting products and services today.