How to Select a Professional Painter – Tips from the Pros

Painting and refinishing is one of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your property. With exterior painting, you can significantly enhance the curb appeal and value of your property. With interior painting, you can restyle your home and give it a complete makeover. If the area that you are painting is compact and easily reachable, you may be able to handle it by yourself as a weekend project. However, for painting larger areas, a DIY job may end up being messy and time consuming. It is better to engage the services of professional residential painters who guarantee a quality job within your timeline and budget.

With the availability of dozens of professional painters in Philadelphia, choosing the right team may be slightly daunting. Here are some tips on key aspects to consider before finalizing your painting contractor. 

  • References and Reputation: One of the easiest ways to get information about professional painting services is through online research as well as referrals from social circles. Check for experience and reputation through online testimonials and reviews from past customers. While it may be difficult to trust all online reviews, word of mouth is golden when you need more information. Speak to your family, friends and neighbors if they have used the services of professional painters in the past.
  • Products and Technology: Before you finalize a professional painter, ask questions about the products they offer and the tools and technology that they have access to. Experienced painters will be up-to-date about the latest products, including weather related variances in paint and technique. They will also be knowledgeable about proper application of new primers, paint finishes or tools. Similarly, check with the painters about their access to equipment. Professional painters with aerial lifts and scissor lifts can complete your paint job in much less time than those who offer labor intensive services.
  • Price Competitiveness: The cost of painting jobs can vary significantly based on how the painters charge. While some will give you an hourly rate, others may charge per square foot. To get a fair estimate, try to obtain quotes from more than one painter and compare costs. You may also want to check about any added costs for paints, supplies, tools, or in case of any additional priming, refinishing or repairs.
  • Trustworthiness: Check the level of personalized attention that the contractor will provide once the crew is on-site. Understand whether the crew members are employees, or contracted staff and day laborers. Ask questions about the company’s experience, licensing, membership in professional associations, and insurance for the crew. Check for guarantees in case of any premature chipping, flaking or issues with the paint.

When you engage the services of a professional painter, you are making a significant investment of your time and money for a clean, finished look, and a quality, lasting job. Asking the right questions and doing your homework will help match your needs and budget with the right crew. At Mastercraft Painting & Finishes, we spend time with our customers to understand their requirements and preferences, and clearly define the scope of work. With our experienced and trustworthy team, knowledge of the latest products and technology, and diligent job guarantees, we strive to keep our customers satisfied and earn their referral business.

Enjoy a smooth, reliable and professional home painting experience for your Philadelphia home with Mastercraft Painting & Finishes. To get a free estimate for your home’s painting and refinishing requirements, call us at 267-496-5307 or contact us online