Indoor Projects to Consider During the Winter Months

Painting, Molding, Bathroom Renovations

Don’t let the colder months scare you away from continued home improvement projects. You can still tackle those painting projects on your to-do list. Something to keep in mind is that prices of paint tend to drop during fall and winter, so it could benefit your wallet also!

Here are a few ideas of painting projects to get done around the house. 

  • Kitchen cabinets: Need to update some outdated cabinets? Want to brighten up the kitchen? It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint and some modern hardware can do.
  • Bathroom tile: If the flooring in your bathroom is still in good shape, but the color or style isn’t ideal, maybe you could consider painting over it for a fresh look. To make sure you get the look you want, hire your local painting professionals at MasterCraft Painting & Finishes.
  • Accent walls in the living room: This simple project will really spruce up a room. It helps separate a space if you’re looking to add some new furniture pieces and other elements. 

Projects that Pair Well with Your New Paint Job

Molding Projects Can Be Cost Effective and Add Character

Now that you may have completed a painting project in one of your rooms, consider new molding to coordinate. Molding can add a lot of character especially if you’re looking for a unique look. It doesn’t have to be all white and you or break the bank. Here are a few important tips.  

  • Adding a contrasting color to the wall paint will be a true showcase look. Think emerald green with gold molding. Very elegant!
  • Some colors will help make a room appear more open or larger. Want your ceilings to seem higher? Try light on top, dark at the bottom. 
  • Quality molding projects can help elevate the aesthetic of your bedroom too. 
  • Add texture with molding. 

Bathroom Renovations to Consider

Bathroom Renovations Can Get Tricky If they Aren’t Planned Well

Take advantage of the spring and summer months to plan and then use the winter months to get it done. There typically is less going on in the winter months, so adding this project will help your time pass by feeling productive. Start by selecting everything you need. Are you just doing a paint job or adding new features? If you’re planning a full renovation, it is recommended to select the big items like the tub, toilet, and sink, first. That way you can ensure it will fit properly and work well. Think about what you want it to look like. Do you want it to be bright and welcoming or dim and calming? Depending on the vibe, this will help lead you in the direction of décor and colors. Whichever way you go, a solid plan will get you there.

For professional painting services and other home project assistance, reach out to MasterCraft at (267) 496-5307 or contact us online to discuss your requirements. We are always here to help!