Is Ceiling Painting a Must When I Paint My Walls?

Your Professional Painters in Philadelphia Answer this Often Asked Question

Whether you are painting your entire home, or a part of it, there are plenty of decisions that you will have to make, including the colors and finishes you prefer, and the quantity of paint you need. One question that may cross your mind during a renovation is whether or not you need to paint the ceiling while you paint the walls. If the freshly painted walls are going to make your ceiling look dull and boring, or if your white ceilings look yellowed over time, then it is definitely important to include the ceiling in your painting project.

Traditionally, ceilings have been painted in a simple coat of white so that the wall paint and other room décor and accessories gain prominence. However, the ceiling represents around 1/6th of the entire space of any room and several contemporary interior designers are experimenting with painting the ceiling in different hues to add character and drama to the room. The experienced painters at Mastercraft Painting and Finishes share some ideas and suggestions on how ceilings can become a part of your mainstream home makeovers.

Transform Ceiling Painting from a Mundane Task to an Exciting Opportunity

There is nothing wrong with painting a ceiling white. Not only is it the most commonly used color for ceilings, but it is also the most perfectly ‘safe’ shade to use. In fact, if you have chosen bold, bright colors for the walls, a white ceiling will nicely offset the intense wall colors, making your room look stylishly attractive. However, if you are looking for a novel way to add glamour, edge, character and uniqueness to your room, then it is time to think of painting your ceiling in a shade other than white.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Choosing the Right Shades: The belief that lighter colors make a room look bigger is true when it comes to wall colors but may not necessarily apply to ceilings. Explore some of these unconventional options:
  • If your room receives plenty of natural light, consider colors such as a pale blue, blush pink or a buttery yellow that will create an airy feeling when the bright daylight bounces off the ceiling.
  • If your room is mainly lit with candles or lamps, consider bold shades such as a tomato red or tan that will offer a warm, rich glow.
  • For a more enveloping look, try a monochromatic color scheme. Paint the walls and ceilings in the same color and apply the same shade to the cornice and base skirting as well. This will work really well with pale and lighter colors.
  • To try the color blocking concept, choose a ceiling shade that is lighter than the wall color. It will create a sense of greater height and make the ceiling appear taller. For example, pair dark blue walls with a sky blue ceiling.
  • To create an open-to-air, night-sky illusion, paint your ceiling in hues of black, deep blue or dark violet. It will not only open up the space, but also add a comforting and romantic ambience, as if you are resting under the stars.
  • Choosing the Right Finish: Although a high gloss paint will give a striking appearance, the slightest bit of sheen may also highlight all the flaws and imperfections in your ceiling when any natural or artificial light bounces off its surface. Choose your paint finishes wisely and go for a flat or matte finish.

While painting the interior walls of your home may be a fun project where you can involve your kids or friends, painting the ceiling by yourself may not be as exciting or easy. Not only will you need equipment such as, footstools or ladders that can give you the elevation to reach the ceiling with your brush, painting large areas can give you a crick in the neck, or a pain in the back. Moreover, if you have a cathedral, vaulted or multi-angled ceiling, it will be tricky to achieve a smooth, quality finish.

Even if you are determined to tackle your home painting as a DIY project, leave the ceiling painting to the professionals at Mastercraft Painting and Finishes. Our licensed and experienced painters will complete the job with the right tools and equipment and ensure minimal downtime and disruption in your lifestyle and routine. Hire our services and enjoy clean lines, spotless finishes and exceptional service.

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