Is Your Backyard All Decked Out for the Summer?

Backyard Restoration Tips from Professional Painters in Philadelphia

The last of the snow has disappeared and you can finally spot the green shoots now. Through the coming weeks, you may have planned a number of spring cleaning activities. Perhaps you have also started marking your calendar for the exciting events that you will host or attend through the coming months. However, before you make plans for a Father’s Day barbecue, or a Fourth of July backyard celebration, make sure you have a healthy, thriving yard to welcome your guests. After a grueling winter, this part of your home definitely needs some TLC. Your professional painters in Philadelphia offer useful tips to clean and restore your backyard and make it summer-ready.

Top Tips for a Summer-Ready Backyard

If the backyard is your haven for summer parties and fun time with family, here are some ways to ensure that your outdoor space is spruced up for the season:

  • Clean up the Yard and Lawn: One of the first things that people notice in a backyard is the lawn. You obviously want yours to stay healthy and green throughout the summer. First and foremost, rake your lawn and get rid of all the dried leaves and debris from your winter storms. Check for any bare patches and fix problem areas by adding seeds or sod. Fertilize and water the grass; start mowing at regular intervals to maintain a neat, attractive green “carpet” that welcomes all.  Remember to check the entire length of the fence and repair the damaged portions.
  • Plan your Garden and Landscape:  Get the seeds or saplings that you want to grow and start planting in the next few weeks, once the soil bed thaws completely. If this is your first time, design your garden with a healthy mix of annuals and perennials. For a better understanding of the variety of seeds and plants, visit your local nursery.
  • Prep Your Patio and Barbeque and Assess Your Outdoor Furniture: Summer is incomplete without outdoor grilling. If your barbecue has been hibernating through the winter, check the fuel connection, and give it a trial run. Assess the condition of your patio furniture. If a harsh winter has left your chairs damaged, consider repairing the frames, replacing the cushions, or buying an elegant new patio set. Also check the lighting on your deck and around the yard. Consider installing solar-powered lights that will beautifully illuminate your pathways, garden and deck area.
  • Dress up Your Deck: While you are taking care of the lawn, lights and landscaped garden, don’t forget to refresh your deck.  Check for any loose or decayed boards or wobbly railings. Power wash and stain it for a completely refurbished look.

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