Bathroom Refinishing

Your Professional Painters in Philadelphia Suggest Simple Projects

An often overlooked space during home renovations, a bathroom has a bigger impact on the appeal of a home than you may have ever imagined. Whether it is a master bath, a guest bath, or a powder room for visitors, an updated bathroom can increase or decrease the value of your home in the minds of potential buyers. Not to mention the fact that a dreary, dull space does no good to you or your family members, especially when you use it every single day.

Imagine if your bathroom was like your own personal spa or sanctuary where you unwind, relax, and get away from the daily grind. A place where you find respite under a warm shower in an updated shower stall, or enjoy a scented bath in a clean, sparkly tub, or do your makeup and personal care routine under bright lights and perfectly placed mirrors. It is easy to convert your existing bathroom into an alluring space without breaking the bank. With just a few minor projects, it is possible to give it a complete facelift.

Simple Projects for a Bathroom Makeover

  • Replace the Vanity: One of the most used areas in any bathroom is the vanity and its countertops where you may store your personal accessories, make-up or other toiletries. If you are looking to change from a single sink to a double sink arrangement, or you want to modify the height of your countertops, consider installing a completely new vanity. You will find hundreds of options with a range of designs, colors, finishes and dimensions. Alternately, just replace the countertops to reflect a bright, contemporary style. If you have wooden vanities, sand and stain the bottom half and replace the cabinet hardware for a refreshed look.
  • Update the Fixtures: Consider a change in the faucets and other bathroom fixtures, such as door knobs, hooks and drawer pulls. Popular options include chrome, stainless steel and nickel finishes. You also get more elaborate designs in gold, rose gold and black. Select the styles that will match the rest of your bathroom décor. Choose new light fixtures to enhance the ambience of this space. In addition to a wide variety of shapes and fixtures, you may also want to evaluate options such as mood lighting, dimmer switches or recessed lighting.
  • Re-Accessorize and De-Clutter: Eliminate clutter from your vanities and use cosmetics bags or the space in your vanities to stash items you don’t use frequently. Organize daily-use items in attractive containers or stands that fit on the wall or sit on the countertops. Add medicine cabinets, shelves or additional hooks to streamline your storage options. Add or change items such as shower curtains, bathroom rugs, towel displays, vases, art pieces and candles to give this space a chic, personalized touch.
  • Refinish Your Bathtub & Tiles: Restore the original shine of your old, tired tiles or bathtub by repairing the cracks and dents, re-glazing the surfaces, and cleaning up any scratches or blemishes. These refinishing services come at a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise incur on completely replacing your bathtub or tiles.
  • Paint: As with any home renovation project, painting is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to spruce up any space. Paint your bathroom walls as well as bathtubs in colors that complement the rest of the fixtures and accessories.

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