New Year, New Look for Your Home

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Your Philadelphia Painters Share Décor Trends to Refresh Your Home

As you bring in a new year, there is always a sense of renewed hope, fresh ideas, and new beginnings. While you make resolutions and chart new plans on the personal and professional front, why leave your home behind? Imagine waking up to a fresh new color on the walls in your bedroom, or walking into your brand-new kitchen with clean, refinished cabinets, or enjoying a leisurely bath in your shiny, re-glazed bathtub? A few simple, inexpensive projects at the beginning of the year will not just change the look of your home, but also boost the mood and energy for you and your family as you take on other tasks through the rest of the year.

The professional painters at Mastercraft Painting and Finishes are excited to give you a quick rundown on home makeover trends in 2019.

Top 5 Décor Trends to Refresh and Reboot Your Home

According to reputed interior designing experts across the world, the 2019 home décor trends are taking on a bold, lively avatar. From choosing warm paint shades to incorporating natural materials in the furniture, some of the bold and chic elements of the 70s design aesthetic are making a huge comeback. Here are a few ideas that will help you give your home a stunning makeover this year:

  1. Colored Kitchen Cabinetry: Moving away from the fad of all-white that was popular in the last few years, you may want to make a statement with colored cabinetry. Choose dual color combinations, such as black and white, or white and gray, or go for the deep blues or grey-washed greens. Replace the door knobs and drawer pulls with brass or other contrasting metals to beautifully pair the colored cabinetry with smart hardware.
  2. Open Shelving: Consider replacing the upper cabinetry in your kitchen with open shelves. Choose glass for a contemporary look, wood for an earthy, natural look, or metal for an industrial feel. Even a tiny change such as this has the potential to give your tired kitchen a beautiful facelift.
  3. Artisanal Fixtures: Personalize your home with décor items that have a local, artistic flair, instead of a mass-manufactured, banal feel. Whether you go to the expensive, vintage boutiques, or the local, thrift stores, scout for unique items, such as light fixtures, side tables, lamps, vases or other furniture or fixtures that reflect your personality and design sense.
  4. Natural Elements: Create an organic and earthy ambience in your home by bringing in natural elements, such as stone, wooden, copper or marble in some unusual ways. For example, you could look at marble-top coffee tables, wooden blinds or copper paneling accents. When it comes to redesigning your home, the possibilities are limitless.
  5. Paints and Colors: The icy, cold, pure whites are making way for warmer, softer, grey-toned or beige-toned whites, especially when it comes to the kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. For wall colors, many prominent interior designers are replacing neutral shades with vivid, gemstone colors, such as amethyst purple, emerald green, sapphire yellow, topaz blue, and more. In addition to repainting your rooms and cabinets, you can also look at adding a pop of the on-trend shades in the form of:
    • Soft furnishings, such as drapes, linen, cushion covers or throws
    • Accent walls
    • Bathroom tiles or kitchen backsplash
    • Fixtures, such as lights or mirrors
    • Small appliances, cutlery or tableware

No matter what trend you decide to work with, every small change will contribute to a new look for your home this New Year. While most of them are easy, DIY projects, for complicated jobs such as cabinet refinishing, or wall painting, you can rely on the experienced team at Mastercraft Painting & Finishes. With access to the latest products, a trained and insured crew, and smooth, professional finishes, we promise a hassle-free renovation experience, along with a thorough post job clean-up.

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