Proper Wall Prep for An Outstanding Paint Job

Spackle, Tape, Repairs, Nail Pops, & More!

Have you been thinking of painting your home interiors? Maybe you want to accentuate a wall with a pop of bright red? Or maybe it’s the right time to repaint all the walls of your room for a fresh new look. Whatever the reason, initial prep work is a must if you want smoothly painted interior walls. 

Prepare Your Walls for Their Final Coat of Paint

Before you start your painting project, clear and declutter the room first. Remove all furniture that can be taken out of the room and wrap up the larger and heavier items that cannot be moved. Apply painter’s tape on wall trims. Remove switch boards. Cover your floors with a tarp or a drop cloth. 

Now that you have an almost empty room, prep it for its fresh coat of paint.

  • Scrub the walls clean.  Clear dust and cobwebs from walls and ceilings that need to be painted. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean trims and crown moldings. If you see grease or oil stains, clean it with a sponge using lukewarm water and a mild soap solution. You can also scrub the walls with TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) to get the tough stains out. Remember to always wear thick gloves and appropriate eye protection gear when dealing with chemicals. 
  • Find the imperfections and smoothen them out. If you have been living in your house for some time, there’s bound to be some damage to the walls. Give your entire space a thorough inspection and check for any holes, scratches, and cracks. Apply spackle to fill any small dings like nail holes. Use joint compound and mesh tape to fill up larger gaps in your walls as spackle takes a long time to dry. Caulk up the corners and gaps between walls.
  • Sand your wall for an even surface. Sand the scratches and cracks where needed. You also need to sand any previously applied glossy paint, usually near the trims. Clean up the dust created after sanding.
  • Prime new walls. If you have a virgin wall devoid of paint, you need to prime it. Preferably use a grey colored primer rather than a white one to help spot any imperfections. If your walls have been painted before, you should spot prime over the nail pops, scratches, cracks, and other dings first.  

Now that you have followed all these steps, get ready with your favorite shade of wall paint!

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