Safe and Reliable Custom House Painting

Professional Exterior Painters with High-Reach Equipment

Getting your house painted periodically is a must if you want to keep it in good condition. You should always hire professionals who make worksite safety a top priority. The crew should be covered by insurance and properly trained. The professional exterior painters should wear the right protective equipment. They should also have access to good quality tools and gear that allows them to complete the painting job in a safe and timely manner.

Work with a trusted and experienced custom house painting company in Philadelphia. Consider these 3 safety pointers when hiring professional exterior painters for the job:

  1. Insurance – Make sure the company you hire has the required insurance. If the workers are not insured via their employer, a safety mishap during the house painting job could affect your homeowner’s insurance.
  2. Training – The crew you hire should be trained in safety procedures as well as in the use of specific custom house painting techniques and tools. Industry safety standards and best practices must be followed at all times.
  3. Protective equipment – Workers should always wear the right protective equipment. This may include safety goggles, gloves, and a mask to protect the lungs.
  4. Proper Equipment – Another important factor is the equipment utilized for the job. Mastercraft Painting & Finishes uses High-Reach Equipment. This equipment eliminates the need for scaffolding, making it the safest and most efficient option. It also serves to protect the structural foundation and landscaping of your property.

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