Selecting the Right Paint Color Can Be Easier than You Think!

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Handy Tips from Experienced Painters in Philadelphia

One of the most exciting, yet seemingly daunting tasks that you will face in any renovation is that of selecting your paint colors. Since painting can single-handedly give your space a visible makeover, you want the shades to reflect your personality and preferences. However, the cost, time and effort involved in such a renovation, along with the pressure of making the right choice may make you dizzy as you browse the myriad shade cards and options.

At Mastercraft Painting and Finishes, we believe that picking a color is an interesting experience for you and your family to enjoy.  In fact, the decision-making process of your home improvement plans can create wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your color selection is a breeze.

Tips and Tricks to Select Colors

  • Ideas and Inspiration: Nature is one of the biggest inspirations to decide the perfect color combinations. A good starting point may be to think about the natural elements that you love the most. Are you a fan of the cool shades of green, do you enjoy the beachy blues or are the sunset hues your favorite ones?  You can also browse through several home renovation magazines or online sites to draw inspiration for your home improvement project.
  • Create Your Color Scheme: Once you have a fair idea of what your space should look like, pick three shades to create your color palette. The dominant shade will go on your walls, a second tint could accentuate a partial wall, and a third shade may be sprinkled into the furnishings or décor. The color palette could be:
    • Monochromatic – Use lighter or darker tones of the same color. For example, in a blue scheme make use of a pale blue, a dark, midnight blue and a royal, ink blue.
    • Analogous – Colors that are adjacent to each other on the universal color wheel create a serene, comfortable combination with a colorful effect. For example, yellow-orange or blue-green.
    • Complementary – Try a dramatic contrast with colors that are placed opposite each other on the color wheel. For example, red with green or blue with orange. These bold combinations create a vibrant, energetic look when used in moderation and paired with the right furnishings.
  • Test the Shades: After finalizing a color palette, buy a few sample swatches and try them out on your walls. Most paint suppliers also offer virtual remodeling options where you can upload pictures of your room and play around with your chosen shades to visualize your space along with the furniture and décor.
  • Visualize the End Result: While you select the color palette and shades, keep in mind the complete redesigned look that you wish to achieve:
    • Consider the drapes, rugs, furniture, appliances, décor pieces that will sit in that room and try to imagine the end result along with your choice of colors.
    • Check the flow from room to room to ensure that the color schemes you pick for different spaces complement each other.
    • Look at the lighting aspects of the rooms that you are painting. Your light fixtures and the natural light streaming in from doors and windows can completely alter the appearance of the hues you select, making them look vastly different in daylight and post sundown.

Once you and your family have arrived at a decision on color palettes and colors, rely on the experienced and trained painters at Mastercraft Painting to complete your paint job. Our insured crew takes the necessary precautions to work safely, while minimizing any inconvenience and disruption of your routine. Along with smooth, professional finishes, we offer thorough post-job cleanup to ensure that your painting experience is completely hassle-free.

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