Shades of Red That Look Good In Your PA Home 

The hottest interior paint colors of 2022 vary depending on who you ask and what room you want to brighten with fresh paint. If you’re like many homeowners, this year’s plethora of color choices will have you seeing red – how to choose! Partner with an experienced team of conscientious painters and refinishers to select the right shades and get them on your walls quickly.

Red Shades for Every Room!

Go Bold or Lean into Muted Tones Kissed with Energetic Reds

Here are a few ideas to help you introduce red into your interior design this year:

  • Bedroom. Red is a fiery color and incorporating it in the bedroom requires some finesse. You can use muted colors such as rose or mauve. However, if you want the vibrant power of primary red, then you’ll need to mix and match with different elements to prevent it from overpowering the room. For example, you can break up the intensity of a red accent wall with photos and artwork. Consider adding a mirror and other features to contrast with the brilliant aura of red shades. You can also use design elements such as stripes to alternate red with white, beige, or gray tones that calm down the red.
  • Bathroom. Sherwin Williams Foxy  is an understated color that can transform your bathroom. If you have a cool palette, tiles, and matte fixtures, adding a pop of color on the wall can pull the room together and add energy and fire to your morning routine. 
  • Stairwell or hallway. From bright cherry red accent walls in your hallway or stairwell to rich cranberry and white painted stairs, there are a thousand ways to incorporate your favorite shade of red or off red in your interior design. 
  • Living room. It’s hard to go wrong with any kind of rich, deep red in a larger space such as the living room. It’s especially effective when set off by crisp white ceilings or white crown molding. Check out Exotic Red or Sun-Dried Tomato from Benjamin Moore for ideas on how to incorporate varying shades of red into your living room.
  • Dining room. Choose reds that lean toward more earthy tones for a subtle but brilliant accent wall in your dining area.

Are you ready to start adding pops of color with 2022’s red-hot shades? The pros at MasterCraft can help you quickly paint or repaint your entire home. Give us a call today at (267) 496-5307 or contact us online to discuss your interior and exterior painting needs.