Spray Vs. Brush Vs. Roller for Painting Projects

The Benefits and Possible Disadvantages of Each

There are different tools and supplies for every painting project. Some options are preference based and others are necessary to have the project completed properly. Here are a few reasons why using a paint brush for your painting project might be the better option. 

  • Interior walls. Many times, a paint roller might work best for interior walls, but only if it’s a large enough area. Smaller spaces like behind a kitchen counter, for example, can get a little more challenging unless you use a paint brush. 
  • Texture preference. A brush and a roller leave your walls with a different look.

Here are a few reasons why using a paint roller for your painting project might be the better option.


  • Large areas. If you are painting full walls, floors, or similar, a roller is your best option. Save the trim and other detailed finishes for the brushes.
  • Saves time. You can still get the project completed beautifully while saving time. Rollers are usually much faster than brushes.

Here are a few reasons why using a paint spray for your painting project might be the better option. Whether it’s an interior or exterior paint project, sprays work great for specific tasks.

  • Fences. Spray can get those hard-to-reach in-between spaces. 
  • Furniture. Sprays are great for painting arm rests, chairs legs, and more.

Paint Sprays, Brushes, and Rollers Each Have a Purpose

Important Prep Tips and Considerations

All three choices will need some sort of surface protectors. Painter’s tape is helpful to have on hand to avoid messes. You may also want to get a professional estimate of how much paint you will need. Some surfaces may need more coats than others, for example, a popcorn ceiling. 

Rollers, brushes, and sprays will need a place to set them down. Make sure you have buckets, trays, etc. ready to hold the used tools. Depending on the interior room, you may want to have plastic to drape over furniture to avoid splashing or spilling any paint on it.

After planning your project and getting all the items you need, it’s time to paint! 

Will You Use A Paint Spray, Brush, or Roller? 

You can feel confident in knowing our team of professionals has experience with all types of painting projects whether it’s inside your home or an exterior projects. Knowing when and how to use paint sprays, brushes, and rollers is key and we can help lift that burden. 

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