DIY Painting Mistakes to Avoid: Lessons from the Pros 


Spring is the perfect time to gear up your home improvement endeavors. Is painting your walls at the top of your to-do list? Before you select your favorite shade, arm yourself with the right tools and know-how. Prepare to avoid any DIY painting blunders that could prove challenging and costly to fix.  Our painting and remodeling experts offer some useful insights on common DIY painting mistakes to avoid and how to tackle them like a pro.

How to Avoid These Top 7 Painting Mistakes  

  1. Choosing the wrong paint: You don’t want to begin painting your room to discover midway that the color does not complement the space as you had hoped. To exacerbate matters, you may opt for the wrong finish that just does not work. For example – a matte finish is not advisable in a high-traffic area as it is difficult to clean. With a plethora of paint options on the market, it’s imperative to choose a finish that best suits your needs. Before making a final decision, test small swatches of various shades on the wall to discern which one best aligns with your vision. This simple step can prevent potential regrets and ensure a satisfying outcome for your space.
  2. Not prepping your walls and floor: Treat your wall like a canvas that needs to be cleaned and readied before you start your work. Remove any dirt or grime, fill in larger gaps with spackle, and apply primer for better adhesion and coverage. Additionally, protect your floor from accidental spills or splatters with a drop cloth or canvas sheet. Taking these preparatory steps will help ensure a smoother and more professional-looking finish to your paint job.
  3. Forgetting to protect your belongings: You don’t want paint dripping all over your artwork and/or expensive furniture. Move furniture, artwork, and items that can be moved out of the room to prevent damage and ensure a clear path for the painter. Empty cabinets and closets before painting. Consider bringing items that are too heavy or bulky to the center of the room. Cover them for protection from dust and paint.
  4. Avoiding window treatment protection: Remove blinds, shades, or curtains, along with their hardware, to avoid accidental paint drips on your blinds, shades, or curtains. 
  5. Neglecting painter’s tape: Often, paint will bleed and uneven edges arise due to improper application of painter’s tape. Take your time to learn when and how to remove the tape before you pick up your brush and start painting your walls.
  6. Applying excessive paint:  A common mistake first-time painters make is to dip the entire brush in paint. The result is excessive paint on the wall and paint spills on the floor. The preferred way is to dip the brush only two-thirds of the way. When it comes to using a roller, don’t add too much pressure on it while painting. A light coat of paint is enough. 
  7. Rushing the drying process: Be patient between paint applications. Wait for the wall to dry first before brushing another stroke. This will help avoid unintentional smudges or drips/streaks on the floor.

Transform Your Space with Professional-Quality Brush Strokes 

Painting your walls is an exciting project and one that can instantly give your space a new look. Remember to follow the above advice to avoid any DIY painting mistakes. Also, be diligent in your research before choosing your color or picking up your paintbrush for the first time. If you feel uncertain about tackling the task solo and are eager to achieve professional-grade results, hire industry experts. At Mastercraft Painting and Finishes, we take pride in delivering impeccably painted walls that not only enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal but also add tangible value to your property.

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