Proper Prep Work for Outstanding Results

 If you have a home improvement project that’s waiting to be done, now’s the best time to start. The weather is getting warmer, but it’s still not too hot. So, get ready and prep up your workstation before picking up your hammer and driving in the nails. As our home improvement experts advise, “proper prep work is vital for achieving outstanding results.”

How to Prepare for a Successful Home Renovation

  • Plan. Budget. Prioritize – Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Start with a plan of what needs to be done. Create a budget for each task and prioritize your work. For example, if your foundation has water damage, it needs immediate attention. Find the source and get it fixed by foundation repair professionals. 
  • Inspect your gutters – Your gutters could be clogged with debris blown by the wind, trees, or birds. Have it inspected and cleared before it damages your home’s structure. You can hire a professional team to inspect, clean, and/or add gutter guards to stop debris from collecting again. 
  • Clear the surroundings – Before starting any project, clear the surroundings. Move furniture and décor items that have the potential to get damaged during the renovation. Use burlap or canvas to wrap items that are too bulky to move. 
  • Get tools and safety equipment ready – Now that you know the tasks that need completion, get the right equipment and tools. 
  • Wearing eye protective gear, industrial standard face masks, and gloves can help shield you from heat, toxic fumes, and debris. 
  • For painting or repairing your wall, you will need equipment like plastic sheets or drop cloths, spackle, painter’s tape, mesh tape, a putty knife, primer, sandpaper, and a spatula among others.
  • Get a three-step ladder to paint interior walls. Anything higher can be dangerous for inexperienced and DIY enthusiasts. It’s best to hire professional painters for hard-to-reach places.
  • Paint. Refinish. Replace Inspect your interior and exterior walls, doors, windows, fence, deck, and siding. Painting and refinishing are more economical options than replacing and can add years to your tired doors, cabinets, or shutters. If needed, get licensed painting and restoration professionals to suggest the best option and help you with your project.
  • Painting prep work: Before painting, clean the work area of dust or debris and smoothen it. You also need to spackle, caulk, and repair any dings and nail pops where necessary.
  • Pressure wash: For your home’s exterior, pressure washing can help remove dirt and dust that may have accumulated over time.  
  • Deck repair: Does your deck look dull or worn? Applying an appropriate wood stain can revive it as well as protect it from natural elements like rain and strong winds. 

Wrap Up Your Tools and Clean the Mess!

Once your project is complete, inspect it one final time. Check for quality finishing and do touch-ups where necessary.  Keep your tools aside and clean up the mess. Finally, take a step back and appreciate your newly renovated home! 

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